Wednesday, August 10, 2005

27 Minutes

27 minutes ago, I heard a woman screaming "Oh my god, help me, someone please help me", and then a crash of breaking glass.

I immediately went to the window and couldnt see anything, so I went outside with three things:

1. My USP
2. My flashlight
3. My cell phone with a headset in

I dialed 911 as I was moving and I reported exactly what happened, and that I couldn't identify exactly which apartment it came from (it was one of six, and I have some strong suspicions).

I haven't heard anything since, and the police have not yet arrived. I HAVE verified that 4 out of the six apartments are ok; but from two of them, including the one I suspect the scream came from, I got no response. I can't hear anything, and lord knows I can't do anything. Unless I can positively identify where the scream came from, and that someone is in actual danger, I can't and shouldn't do anything more.

27 minutes, and still no police. Actually about 32 minutes now.

I live in a good neighborhood, and this is a Wednesday; not exactly a busy night. Not only that but I know where at least 4 blue and whites are; including the watch commander, right now (a convenience store down the street. They're there every night around this time).

Don't ever try and tell me that the police can or will protect you. The only thing you can count on is the ability to defend yourself. If you live in Massachusetts, New York, California, or New Jersey that fundamental right is already severely limited, and yet those are among the most violent and crime ridden places in our country.

Hell if you live in Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Boston, or Washington D.C. effectively your right to self defense has been abrogated by the state. Almost no-one there legally owns a gun, but yet they have the highest incidence of murders commited with firearms (admitedly mostly criminal on criminal).

Do not let them tell you they can protect you. Do not believe it. Do not let them tell you that you don't need that right. Do not let them tell you you can't protect yourself. Do not let them tell you that isn't a right.

Defend yourself, and don't let anyone try and stop you.

43 minutes, still waiting...

UPDATE: About an hour later he came back, and my suspicions were confirmed; the abusive boyfriend of the woman across the way. He was kicking and pounding on her door, and I called the police again.

Now it's two and a half hours, he's come and gone twice, and the cops... well they just aren't bothering. It's been a few months since the last one, but these two have a history.

My girlfriend said to me "Honey, what gives you the right to get involved. That's not your job leave it to the police".

I will never understand that attitude.

My response? "Honey she was begging and screaming for help. I'm certainly going to respond. It's everyones moral duty to stop abuse and crime from happening if they can".

There was a time when everyone felt that way; now people just don't want to get involved.