Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I got a sweetie little woman there...

I'm goin'a Kansas City, Kansas city here I come..

Or rather I'm already there; we had a little change of plans earlier today...
Jim: You know I haven't seen my brother since his wedding two years ago
Chris: Really? You know if we stay on this highway instead of turning south we'll be there tomorrow right?
Jim: What?
Chris: Yeah, it's an extra half day on the trip, (about 400 miles extra actually), you should call him up and ask if he's good to see us tomorrow...
So instead of making Tulsa tonight, we made Kansas City. We probably could have pushed on another couple hours, but theres really no point. Kansas is... Kansas. It's long, straight, mostly flat etc... (I've done the 70 run many times). The western portion of I-70 is so straight and flat you can read a book on the steering wheel while you drive through the sunflower fields.

Jim, who has only been west of the Misissipi once before (in Arizona a few weeks ago) drove across it today, in his "Five states in one day" driving tour (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas); a new personal record.

And for the record we made 620 again today, and again Jim couldnt rouse his lazy ass til I rolled him out of bed (literally) at 10 o'clock (after futilely trying for several hours beforehand). We seem to have averaged abotu 32mpg today, with a high price of $2.81 (illinois), and a low of $2.41(Missouri). Why anyone who lived withing 30 minutes of the border would actually buy gas in Illinois I'll never know.

We got on the road at 1115 and drove til 2100 local, switching time zones in the process, for a grand total of 11 hours on the road. We would have easily made another 60 miles, but we stopped to clean up with a much needed (on both our parts) haircut.

On the interesting sights front, nothing much to report today, except the usual swarm of Indiana state troopers. I swear they must have more than every other state combined... either that or all they do is set up speed traps on I-70, because we didn't go 5 miles in IA without seeing one, and we didnt even see ONE Illinois statie, and only two MO staties, over a combined road distance more than twice that traveled IA.

Oh and let me just say that this great nation of ours is filled from sea to shining sea with beautiful and friendly young women. Of course I'm sure they are mostly insane, but at least they are pleasant to look at and speak to casually.

Tomorrow we have a 680 mile run into Breckenridge, which is a straight shot on I-70. I expect we'll get in around 8 o'clock local time given what I think our ACTUAL start time will be.

Jim swears he's getting up at 6am this time... yeah, right. I'm setting my alarm for 9, theres no use in my being tired all day for nothing (like I was today).

Then Thursday we make a final run down to Scottsdale, which is gonna be a bitch (about 800 miles), but home is at the end of it, so it's doable... If I can get his lazy ass moving before noon that is...