Thursday, August 18, 2005

Rockstar INXS - Surprising me

I was almost certain that Suzies performance would have put her into the safe zone, with J.D., Jessica, and Deanna taking up the rear; but Suzie took that spot I thought J.D. would be in.

Mig, Jordis, and Marty were top three, and Mig got the encore. Oh and man I wish they showed the encore video on the web site. Mig called the other top to up with him, and I'd have loved to see the top three up there at once.

Suzie - "By My Side": Honestly, I was impressed. She did a good job with it. She really go the emotion into it, but still not that sense of... longing I guess it is, that Hutchens always had.

Deanna - "Never Tear Us Apart": Once again she's channeling Melissa Ethridge. Man she got the nuts into it, but I didn't think it was a great performance. Oh and she went a little spastic on stage too. I certainly felt her desperation, but...

Jessica - "Mystify": I don't care for the song, but honestly I thought her performance was better than Deannas. Her vocalization was better, and she got the tone better... but it still just didnt sound right. This is a song with a hollow sound to it, and she made it round and full.. plus her energy and emotion wasn't really there. Deanna at least made an impression, and you could tell how much she wanted it; I never really felt that from Jessica. I think she knew she was going out this week, and this was it.

And so, Jessica is going home. Really I think she's better than Suzie, but Suzie just did the better job of it. And as the band says, it's no longer about who's good, it's about who's the best with INXS, and I agree that person isnt Jessica (Or any of the women actually; if it doesnt come down to Mig, Ty, and Marty I'd be amazed).

That said, I guarantee you she gets a contract by the end of the week. She's got the nuts man.

UPDATE: Spoons thought the same as I did about Deanna and Jessica, and was surprised by the result as I was. I didnt hate jessica though, I still thought she was generally better than suzie.