Friday, August 05, 2005

Jesus H. Christ on a wanking pogo stick

That my friends, is some fucked up shit. I mean I'm a kinky perverted bastard whose motto is "A Filthy Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste" but ... DAMN...

My uh... favorite?

Home Alone

Until last year, I practiced self-bondage. I got off on the thrill of the struggle to escape. One evening while my boyfriend was working abroad, I got carried away and irreparably bound myself, wearing my tightest corset, nylons, 7" heels, nipple clamps, and a ball-gag. I managed to knock the phone onto the floor and after 3-4 hours effort, I dialed 999 with my heel. I couldn't say anything but the police broke in and rescued me. The sergeant said he'd never seen anything like it in 40 yrs on the force. I live in a small town, so I moved shortly thereafter due to the embarrassment.