Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rock Star - Why do I bother watching sundays?

The manipulative editing annoys me... really all I want to see is the song selections.

That said, having them record an unreleased INXS song... Well we've been waiting for something like this for a while. We need to hear them all sing the SAME song, and have it be an INXS song to really figure out who should be with the band.

Ty is getting more irritating on a personal basis. Oh and I'm still pretty sure he and Marty are gay.

Neither J.D. nor Maryt have a studio voice, and Martys screaming outtakes show it pretty clearly. Jordis, Suzie, Mig, and Ty, are all good for studio recording so I expect they'll do well with it. The real question becomes how will their different vocal styles sound with THIS tune?

Oh and Ty's high energy performance style is definitely not going to help him here. He's going to have to rely on professionalism and ability. The same thing goes for both J.D. and martys stage presence, which has kept them alive so far (though how anyone could LIKE the way J.D. overdoes it is beyond me). But, as we saw in the songwriting competition, J.D. can actually be a much stronger competitor vocally when he ISN'T onstage.

Anyway, it should be interesting...

Suzie: Whoa, that's better than she's ever done on stage. Oh and it seems like a coold song, though not an INXS song.

Jordis: Yeah she sucked. She put no effort into it, it didnt sound right, she had no breath and tone control. Plus she pissed the Farrisses off.

Ty: A little overdone, but strong. Maybe not the right emotional message

Mig: Sounded kind of like the backstreet boys there, but good

Marty: Ok he jsut doesnt have breath and tone control. Too much scream, too little modulation, too much wandering etc... But the second take with the breathy tone... yeah that worked REALLY well. Actually it sounded almost like Michael Hutchence would have sung it.

J.D.: He kept dropping it. I think he could have had it if he had practiced; his voice could have done it right but he didnt know the song at ALL, and he didnt warm up. BIG mistake.

Heres the thing though, I think J.D. probably did better than we saw on tape. I'm thinking the producers edited it to make him look REALLY bad, because the band wasnt pissed off with him, as they would have been if he really sucked as bad as they showed us.

Also I'm almost certain they used a couple of the negative clips more than once; because his head was in the exact same position, and he took a breath in the exact same spot in the same phrase, and he dropped out in the exact same way etc... This is a common video editing trick to make you think something happens again when it hasn't.

Ok the songs:

Mig - Paul McCartney, "Live and Let Die": Mig should rock this one completely. It's probably the best song McCartney ever did after the Beatles, and it's been covered VERY well in the past. Some big shoes to fill, but I think Mig can do it.

Jordis - John Lennon, "Imagine": Let's see Jordis REALLY get the emotion into this one. Dont make it sound like a pop song, give it the real emotion. I wonder if she can sing this quietly and gnetly while still expressing herself... Honestly I don't think she'll pull it off well. Bottom Three.

Suzie - Queen, "Bohemian Rhapsody": It would be SOOO unfair for Mig to get this song, since he makes his living singing it. That said, I'd LOVE to hear him do it. I think Mig would nail it, and Suzie is STUPID to want to try this song. Sure if she gets it it's a slam dunk, but I jsut don't think it's POSSIBLE for her to get it right. It's the hardest rock song in the world, from the greatest rock vocalist of all time. Bottom Three

Ty - Rolling Stones, "Can't always get what you want": I think J.D. or Ty would be great for this song, but since Elvis is in the building Ty should make this one scream. He's gonna jagger it up on stage, and the choir will just drive him higher.

Marty - Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here": This happens to be my favorite Pink floyd song. I think Marty can pull it off VERY well, but not if he starts screaming. He's got to get the soft into it or it ruins the song completely. Even in the "We're jsut two lost souls swimmin in a fishbowl" part, it's forceful, but not yelling. I think he's going to blow it and end up in the bottom three.

J.D. - Elvis, "Suspicious Minds ": Ok this is Definitely J.D.'s slam dunk. He was an Elvis impersonator fer chrissakes. I LOVE this song, it's my favorite later Elvis tune. Not only that, but J.D. is PERFECT for this, vocally and in his personal style. I have only one concern, in that the teenage girl audience isn't going to like the SONG rather than the performer. If he makes it though, I think he gets the encore.

I SOOO want J.D. to do well with this one. i think if he can nail it he can REALLY get it going and get the encore. Suzie... I think she's gone this week to be honest with you. I jsut don't see how she can do anything but die horribly with this song. I just dont think Marty is going to pull it off. Jordis.... I dunno man, this may be her death week too.

Anyway my bottom three pick for this week is Marty, Suzie, and Jordis; but we may see J.D. there instead of either Marty or Jordis.